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Welcome to PaddleZone, your one-stop shop for kayaks in the Port Macquarie area. Whether you’re hitting the coast or exploring Queensland’s stunning rivers and waterways, we have first-class kayaks for all ages and skill levels.

From premium kayaks to recreational kayaks, fishing kayaks, sea kayaks, and a full range of accessories, you’ll find it all right here online. Our store is also led by enthusiastic paddlers that live and breathe all things kayaking.

Prefer to shop in person? We have dedicated stores in Sydney, Newcastle and on the Gold Coast. Here, you can meet our friendly in-store staff and explore our fantastic collection of vessels, paddles, accessories, and clothing.


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Kayaks for Sale in Port Macquarie — Quality, Range, and Expertise

PaddleZone is Australia’s one stop shop for an extensive range of stylish kayaks built for safety, comfort, and performance. Our kayak and gear selection include products from leading brands such as Riot, Point 65, Prijon, Boreal Design, Hurricane, Stellar and Carbonology Sport as well as our very own PaddleZone line. All of these products are designed with the Australian waterway conditions in mind.

Whether your journey leads you to rivers, lakes, or seas, we have the ideal kayak waiting for you.

Stand Up Paddle Boards in Port Macquarie — Experience the Fun and Fitness!


There is no better place to use stand up paddle boards than Port Macquarie, a place home to some of the country’s most picturesque beaches. Stand-up paddleboards are not just about adventure; they’re a perfect blend of fitness and fun. Our collection fits everyone, whether you are a seasoned sports person or a newbie exploring a new fitness regimen.

We have specially designed paddleboards for all landscapes, including wooden SUPs for rivers, inflatable SUPs for easier carrying and storage, painted SUPs for the stylish paddler, and even SUPs for yoga enthusiasts.


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Kayaking Accessories in Port Macquarie — Designed for Your Comfort and Safety

We understand the importance of the right equipment for the best kayaking experience. At PaddleZone, we supply a vast range of sophisticated, reliable accessories for different needs.

Stay prepared for changing conditions with the correct clothing, fishing equipment, spare parts, and additional storage solutions. All our accessories are sourced with a commitment to safety, quality, and durability.

How PaddleZone Makes Kayaking Easier

PaddleZone isn’t your average collection of salespeople. We live and breathe kayaking and take great pride in helping customers to start their paddling journey. For beginners, we supply everything from recreational kayaks to custom paddles, clothing, storage racks, and much more.

About to buy kayaks in Port Macquarie? Our experts will go above and beyond to provide you with necessary guidance on choosing the right kayak or accessory, maintenance tips, and safe kayaking practices.

Why Choose PaddleZone for Kayaks near Port Macquarie?

There's never been a better time to join the PaddleZone community. Explore your passion for kayaking with us and enjoy the beauty of Port Macquarie in an entirely new way. Welcome to PaddleZone, where the best of the Australian paddling experience begins!

We offer:

  • Unmatched Expertise: Our team of experienced paddlers shares their rich knowledge and insights to provide you with dependable guidance and personalised advice.

  • Product Variety: From canoes and paddleboards to life jackets and kayaking accessories, we boast a comprehensive collection to cater to different needs and preferences.

  • Uncompromised Quality: We source our products from reputable brands noted for their innovative designs, safety, and durability.

  • Competitive Pricing: PaddleZone offers the best quality products at the most competitive prices to make paddling accessible to everyone.

We are more than just a source for kayaks in Port Macquarie. We see ourselves as providers of quality kayaking services that stretch across different locations in Australia including Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Geelong, and Brisbane.

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