What paddle should I choose?

Choosing a paddle is primarily a matter of personal preference. There are many sizes, shapes and materials available. If possible, try a look at and hold different paddles and choose the one that feels best to you.

Keep in mind, a paddle is an extremely important piece of paddling equipment that can make or break the pleasure of a day on the water. Take the time to decide what works best for you and suits your paddling needs.

We have a variety of Paddles in our stores to choose from to fit all needs!

Stating with alloy shafts and progressing though fibreglass, scaling up to the lightest and strongest in carbon, every paddle is different and will feel different to every paddler.

Ranging from 180 - 220cm in length and available as a one or two piece 'split' paddle the length depends on the height of the person and the width of the kayak. The taller the person is, and the wider the kayak is, generally the longer you’ll want your paddle to be.

Most paddles have an offset blade which can be adjusted to suit your paddle stroke style and the type of water conditions you paddle in.

If paddling in a Surf Ski, the mid-wing or scoop blade may be your best option.