A sit in kayak features an enclosed cockpit that the paddler sits inside, meaning they are positioned below water level.

A sit on top kayak does not feature an enclosed cockpit, meaning you sit in a seat that’s on top of the kayak and above water level.

Both sit in and sit on top kayaks have their benefits, and PaddleZone can help you select the best option for your needs.

Single Sit in Kayaks for Sale

A sit in kayak offers a lower centre of gravity and typically features a narrower design. This allows sit in kayaks to be faster, more wind-resistant, easier to manoeuvre and control, and more stable when turning. These kayaks also offer extra built-in sun protection.

However, paddlers often feel more confined in sit in kayaks, and they are harder to re-enter after a capsize. Storage space can also be limited.

To find out if a sit in kayak is right for you, explore the range of single sit in kayaks for sale from PaddleZone and ask our team for further advice and information.

Buy Single Sit On Top Kayaks from PaddleZone!

When you sit on top of a kayak, you can enjoy a greater feeling of freedom! They’re also easier to enter and exit, especially after a capsize on the water. Sit on kayaks are completely unsinkable due to their sealed hull design, and any water that gathers on the external cockpit can drain via self-bailing scupper holes.

However, these kayaks tend to be slower, slightly more difficult to control and manoeuvre, and they require more effort to propel forward. There’s also no built-in protection from the sun, waves, or wind while you’re on the water.

Explore our single sit on top kayaks to see if this option is right for you. Ultimately, the choice will come down to your preferences and the type of kayaking you are interested in. Chat with our team for more information.

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