Led by a passionate team of water sports enthusiasts, PaddleZone is your ultimate choice for all things paddling. Alongside brand new kayaks, SUPs, skis and canoes, we’re also Australia’s go to source for kayak storage solutions. Our storage accessories are designed to accommodate a wide range of different kayak sizes, styles and brands.

With our help, transporting and storing your kayak will be easier than ever! As paddlers ourselves, we know how important effective storage can be and love helping customers across Australia.

Discover our amazing collection of state-of-the-art kayak storage racks right here online, or visit any one of our Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Newcastle stores.

Efficient and Durable Kayak Storage Racks

At PaddleZone, we understand that proper storage is the best way to preserve your kayak’s performance and longevity. Our impressive selection of kayak storage racks are not only efficient in design, but also highly durable and built to withstand Australia's extreme weather conditions. Whether it's for storing your kayak at home or on the move, we've got you covered.

We are your one-stop destination for all high-quality and affordable kayak storage racks. Visit us to see why many Australians entrust us for their paddling needs.

A Full Range of Kayak Storage Solutions

Just as kayaks come in various types and sizes, so do storage solutions. At PaddleZone, we make things simple and convenient for you by providing a full range of kayak storage solutions – from standalone racks, hoists, roof and wall-mounted systems, to storage covers. Each of our storage products is engineered for both convenience and security, ensuring your kayak is stored away safely when not in use.

With a flagship store in Sydney and branches in Melbourne, Newcastle, and on the Gold Coast, we give paddlers across Australia complete access to an interactive and personalised shopping experience.

Innovative and Versatile Kayak Storage

Paddling opens doors to freedom and exploration, and we believe your storage solution should offer the same. As we expand our services in Australia, we continue to provide innovative and versatile storage systems that cater to every paddler's unique needs. Our versatile kayak storage racks and hoists are ideal for different types of kayaks and sized to fit various spaces, offering many practical, short-term and long-term storage options.

Why Choose PaddleZone for Kayak Storage?

There are many reasons why fellow paddlers around Australia choose PaddleZone for their kayak storage needs. Here are just a few:

  • Exceptional Quality: All our storage solutions are crafted from durable materials and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring your kayak is protected year-round.

  • A Wide Range of Options: From freestanding racks to wall-mounted storage and roof racks, we offer a variety of storage solutions suited for different types of kayaks and spaces.

  • Customer Centric Service: Our experienced and dedicated team at PaddleZone offers tailored advice to ensure that you find the best storage solution for your specific needs.

How Can I Store My Kayak with PaddleZone’s Storage Racks?

Storing your kayak correctly helps to preserve its lifespan and performance. Here at PaddleZone, we provide practical ways to store your kayak using our efficient and durable storage racks.

  • Orientation and Positioning: The first step is to decide how to position your kayak. Storing it on its side or vertically reduces stress on the hull, maintaining its shape over time.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Storage: Depending on your available space and preference, you can choose indoor or outdoor kayak storage racks and hoists. Either way, our solutions are designed to safeguard your kayak against harsh weather conditions and potential damages.

  • Proper Mounting: Make sure to securely mount your kayak on the storage rack or hoist, ensuring that it's stable and well-balanced.

Visit our shop in Sydney or any of our other locations in Melbourne, Newcastle, or the Gold Coast for hands-on guidance and expert advice on storing your kayak.

When it comes to kayak storage, PaddleZone is the name you can trust.

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