Get ready for your next epic adventure with PaddleZone’s touring kayaks. As Australia's leading paddling shop, we have touring kayaks for sale online, and in stores located in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, and on the Gold Coast.

We stock a range of world-renowned brands including Riot, Boreal Design, Point 65, and Stellar. Whether you plan to challenge the rapids near Port Macquarie or journey around the calm waters of Brisbane river, we've got the perfect touring kayak for you.

What Makes Touring Kayaks Ideal for Adventures?

Touring kayaks are designed to handle water conditions ranging from flat lakes and rivers to choppy coast lines. They have comfortable seating, ample storage capacity for camping gear, and are built to maximise speed and stability over long distances. Whether you're planning a week-long expedition or a day trip around Port Phillip in Melbourne touring kayaks are your ticket to amazing paddling adventures.

At PaddleZone, we've sourced a selection of touring kayaks to cater to all paddlers, whether it's your first-time paddling or your hundredth. As passionate kayakers, we understand everyone has unique requirements, and that's why our touring kayaks are available in a range of sizes, designs, and specifications.

We're constantly evolving our product mix as the paddling industry progresses, ensuring you get the most cutting-edge and high-quality kayaks on the market today. From the sleek design of our single kayaks to the practicality and comfort of our tandem models, our touring kayaks are suitable for all types of weather, water and adventure.

Touring Kayaks for Sale in Australia

About to go on an open water journey? Our sleek, fast, and easily controlled touring kayaks are purpose designed for ocean winds and swell. These kayaks are practical, durable and built to handle long distances.

Why Turn to Us for Touring Kayaks?

We're committed to delivering high-quality, durable products for all our clients. We've been in the business for over 20 years, our stores and online business are run by experienced and enthusiastic paddlers.

Here are a few reasons why we’re the premier destination for touring kayaks in Australia:

  • Committed Team: Our dedicated team of paddlers aren't just salespeople. They understand and share your love for the water and offer invaluable advice based on your needs, budget and experience.

  • Extensive Range: From recreational and fishing paddling to ski paddling and SUPs, our collection encompasses everything a paddler needs.

  • Quality Brands: We stock touring kayaks from top brands such as Riot, Prijon, Point 65, and Hurricane.

  • Reliable Customer Service: Whether you need assistance with choosing the perfect kayak or making a purchase, our team is readily available to guide you through.

  • Convenient Delivery: We deliver across the country, catering to the entire paddling community in Australia.

Tips for Finding the Best Touring Kayak for Sale - Expert Advice from PaddleZone

Choosing a touring kayak requires consideration of factors such as paddling conditions, distance, paddler's experience, and personal preference. The friendly PaddleZone team is always available over the phone or in-store in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and on the Gold Coast.

Regardless of your skill level, whether a beginner or competitor, we take the time to understand what you’re really looking for and help to find a suitable option. We also ensure that you’re briefed on the basics of safely handling a kayak, maintaining it, storing it and preparing for any emergency situations.

To explore our comprehensive range of touring kayaks for sale, visit one of our stores or shop right here online.

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