Hurricane began back in 1998 when a group of kayaking veterans decided it was time to put the paddler back on the proverbial pedestal and the fun back into kayaking. So when you look at a Hurricane kayak, you can be sure that every detail was designed to give the paddler a superior experience on the water.

You are the reason why we use lightweight Trylon, why we thermoform our boats, why we developed the Airestream adjustable seat, the 1st Class Frame Seat, lightweight tandems and why we give you a range of options like expanded cockpits and rudder packages. We understand that when you slide your Hurricane kayak into the water, you’re not thinking about shareholders and market penetration. You’re thinking about paddling, and our mission is to make sure you have a great time. That, folks, is the company line.

At Hurricane we give you a lot of choices. We offer super-stable recreational kayaks, lightweight day touring boats, and smile-inducing sit-on-tops. All of these kayaks have one thing in commom; they are designed to make sure your time on the water is the time of your life. If it’s not, call us. Seriously, we’ll talk. With more than a century’s worth of kayaking experience under our roof, we can find a way to make you happy.