The proven, award-winning British-style sea kayak, the Brittany’s reputation speaks for itself: fast and agile, yet accessible to paddlers of all skills, its stability instantly makes you feel at ease while its moderate width makes it possible for expert paddlers to express all the subtlety that is possible to bring in fine sea kayak handling.

Plenty of deck storage, a compass recess, lifelines and safety straps complete the package, maintaining respect to the tradition of elegance the Brittany belongs to.  Now all this in a super strong CrossMax construction, the 19kg Brittany.

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"When I started kayaking I tried the Brittany and found it too unstable for edging and it was taking lots of water in the compartments, mostly in the rear one. This was 3 yrs ago , now I love it, the instability of the beginner is gone and it becomes an extension of myself. I just think of rolling and it does it in the blink of the eye.

Tracks like an arrow and fast for the size. Not that manoeuvrable to turn on a dime but with rudder down it is agile. I did not find it too responsive in edge turns, also due to round shine the edge support is delicate to find, this one is a tracker. With skeg down, this thing does not budge from its track, wind or wave has no effect on it. Seat comfort is great, back band is good and gives no back pain (it used to be a critic before, but they made changes to the padding and attachment) The compartments are dry after many rolls, compare to earlier models that used to take in gallons of water. The fit of the covers got modified to keep things dry. Low deck gives you more efficiency in windy condition (compare with my Boreal Saguenay, the Brittany is more efficient and requires less effort to keep speed).

One thing that i found to be on the negative side is the location of the day hatch, it is not off to the side enough, it is almost in the center of the kayak, and requires good agility to get your arm back and open, reach in, get your stuff and close back. I sold my Boreal Saguenay and got the Brittany and no regrets so far."



  • Flex 4 Seat
  • Track-rite Skeg & Pilot Rudder steering combo
  • 3 sealed compartments: bow stern & day hatch
  • Recess compass mount
  • Recess compass mount
  • New Flex Seat system


  • Length

16’6” (5.05m)

  • Width

22” (55.2cm)

  • Weight

28.2 kg

  • Max Displacement


  • Cockpit size

81 x 47cm

  • Béluga Skirt size


Brand Riot

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