Okay, this is a new recreational boat, and at Hurricane, they don’t take the word “new” lightly. Some boat designers might add a different decal, change a paint color, glue on a piece of rubber and call it new.

Not Hurricane. If they're gonna announce they’ve got a NEW boat, you can trust that they’re giving the category something innovative and edgy. With the Santee 126 Sport, they’ve done just that.

This recreational kayak ups the ante on the industry-changing Santee 126 by adding an oversized cockpit, and it does so without sacrificing a scintilla of performance. In other words, you can still track like you’re on rails, still carve turns, still have more fun than should be legal in most states.

The 126 Sport gives you room for fishing gear, photography equipment, and camping gear too ? whatever you need. The cockpit is a spacious 55 x 24 inches, and 55 x 24 = a whole lotta comfort.



Stern Bulkhead, ABS Plastic: Flotation & storage

10-inch Hinge Hatch: Storage compartment access

Stern Deck Bungee: Deck storage for dry bag & gear

Paddle Holder: Secures paddle to deck

Security Bar: Cable lock your boat to the car or in storage

Outfitting: AireStream seat and foam thigh pads

Twist-loc footbrace system: Easily adjusted from seated position

Molded Grab Handles, Bow & Stern: Comfortable grip when carrying kayak during portage

55-inch XL Cockpit: Easy entry & Exit, accommodates small child or pet


Model Weight Length Width Cockpit Capacity
Santee 126 Sport 39 lbs / 17.69 kg 12’6” / 3.81 m 28” / 71.1 cm 55”x24”/ 139.7cm x 60.9cm 350 lbs. / 158.7 kg
Brand Hurricane


By: on 7 March 2022
I have recently purchased the Riot Edge 14.5 Ultralight after a couple of years with my Santee 126. The Santee 126 is a great recreational kayak, very stable, very comfortable seat and adjustable foot braces, very easy to enter and exit, light, good storage, nice paddle clip. It can handle a few accidental bumps and scrapes (better avoided). But in a cross wind, with no rudder, it was hard work to keep on track. And not as quick as some of my paddle buddies’ boats. The Riot Edge 14.5 Ultralight is definitely quicker, still reasonably stable (though my own stability may have improved), light. The Riot seat comfort is okay, but not up to the Santee. The Santee 126 cockpit is roomy. The Santee’s fixed carry straps are excellent. Overall, I would say the Santee is not quick, a little hard to manage in wind, but really, it it is the ideal easy-to-live-with boat for beginners, the occasional paddler and for paddling by yourself or with others where speed matching is not an issue.

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