THE MOJITO offers a new level of innovation for recreational kayaks. Created by design...

THE MOJITO offers a new level of innovation for recreational kayaks. Created by design engineer Magnus de Brito, the Mojito is a contemporary, high-performance modular sit-on-top kayak. A fun and versatile kayak which is exceptionally easy to carry, store, and haul. Point 65’s revolutionary solo/ tandem combination is an amazing and unique selling point.

PERFORMANCE SIT-ON-TOP With its keel rudder and easy-to-adjust rudder pedals, the Mojito tracks straight as an arrow and is a breeze to manoeuver. Point65 ́s innovative patented Snap-Tap solution allows the single-seater to snap apart and re-assemble in seconds. The Mojito is a rigid high-performance kayak that you can carry with a smile on your face, put inside most cars, and store under your bed.

SOLO OR TANDEM - ALL IN ONE No need to buy two kayaks. Snap-in the mid-section and your single-seater is transformed into a high-performance tandem.

ULTIMATE SEAT COMFORT The Mojito is equipped with a super-comfortable padded seat and backrest which folds down for easy transport. The seat covers are made of highly durable and comfortable, honeycomb-patterned material in combination with a mesh fabric that is laminated and molded over sculptured EVA foam.

MORE FEATURES The Mojito is equipped with round 24cm waterproof rubber hatches front and aft, multiple cup/ bottle holders, aluminium rails for attachment of gear such as GPS, GoPros, and fishing gear.

GET IN AND GO Carrying and hauling, going solo or tandem,
the Mojito has the innovative features to keep everyone smiling. So easy to set up and go, you’ll be having a blast right off the beach.

Courtesy of Great Escape Kayak

Assembly of Kayak.

Installing Rudder Lines


  • Modular take-a-part
  • Fixed skeg & flush rudder
  • AIR-Backrest™ ultra comfort
  • Dry cargo space
  • Super stable, high comfort
  • Swedish design & engineering

Materials: MatriX 1 Layer PE (Plastic)

Length: Solo – 3.3 / 10'8"

Length: Tandem – 4.8m / 15'9"

Width: 74cm 

Weight: Solo – 26kg’s 

Weight: Tandem – 39kg's

Weight: Mid Section – +/-13kg’s

Payload: Solo - 150kg’s 

Payload: Tandem - 300kg’s

Rudder: performance keel


  • Front: Length 167cm, Width 74cm, Height 30cm
  • Back: Length 167cm, Width 74cm, Height 30cm
  • Mid: Length 157cm, Width 74cm, Height 30cm


SKU S0310POI106
Brand Point 65
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Return to point of purchase

Majestic Mojito

By: on 19 May 2022
I have been looking the point 65 modular kayaks for many months as the concept of being able to pop them in a car really appealed. I purchased the new Mojito last month and it came in 3 large boxes. The 3 parts are not heavy and I can manage them myself but they are a little awkward to carry. The grip on the side is just a tad two small for me so I tend to use the storage holes. Saying that I am in my late 50’s with arthritic hands. I can easily get the solo parts into my small hatchback, but can’t quite manage the middle section in my car. Putting it together is easy once you get the nack. The the threading of the rudder is a bit fiddly especially your hands are cold. i found separating it more tricky, but I am not the strongest person. The kayak is incredibly stable, and feels very safe. The storage is immense inside the two water tight storage facilities and cup holders are super. I have taken my two dogs out with me on the back with no issues. The rudder works well if needed but I tend to use my paddle. The seat is really comfortable and have been sat in it a few hours without any discomfort. This is not the cheapest of kayaks but its modular click design just means its so transportable. I could not manage to get a whole kayak on a roof rack alone, so this gives me the freedom to go kayaking independently and have fun. I have used it in solo and tandem mode and both feel safe and swift. You can get some speed up and it glides effortlessly. Some issues with ordering from the UK to do with new tax rules … point. 65 did sort this out eventually. I found their customer service ok, but at times slow to respond. Overall I think this is a great Kayak especially for anyone who wants a kayak that is easily transportable. It looks really sleek and is well made, it feels tough and secure.

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