Pedalfish 10 'Survivor'

Pedal drive kayaks are becoming more and more popular, especially with anglers as they give hands free propulsion allowing the fisherman to cast and play a fish whilst moving. The Pedalfish 10 Survivor comes with the new Impulse drive – this propeller system allows the kayaker to pedal both forwards and backwards controlling the direction of the kayak with a hand operated rudder. The Impulse Drive unit is very light and can easily be removed and securely clipped to the bow of the kayaks when in shallow water.

Propelled by the ultra-lightweight and reversible Impulse Drive, the Survivor is the lightest most affordable, most seaworthy and versatile propulsion drive kayak on the market. The Impulse Drive offers an efficient 10:1 gear ratio available. At 10’4” x 36” the Survivor 10 is quick, easy to manoeuvre, and super stable.

The Survivor is very well thought out with a comfortable seat that can be moved back and forth on rails to accommodate for different height pedalers. At 26kg with the seat and drive removed, the Survivor is one of the lightest pedal drive kayaks around and can easily be car topped by one person.

Despite its light weight, the Survivor has a full complement of fishing accessories already fitted including several gear tracks, flush mounted rod holders and even a fully fitted anchor trolley on each side.

If you are looking for light and easily manoeuvrable fishing kayaks with excellent stability that can be powered by just using your feet then look no further!

The Survivor includes a Frame4 mesh seat that adapts to your body and seating position with fast draining mesh construction, four flush-mount rod holders, a rudder, and plenty of storage in the hull and on deck.

Powered by Riot's Impulse Drive, the lightest drive on the market.

When you first unpack your Mako Kayak Impulse Drive, there are some things to set up and install. This video walks you through this process step by step to get you on your way faster.

Installing the Impulse drive:

Overview of the Mako Kayak Impulse Drive: This video shows how to quckly set up your Impulse Drive for your Mako Kayak from when you first unwrap it. The 2nd half of the video shows you all the parts of the drive for maintenance and replacement parts plus how to service and maintain your drive.

We recommend the C-Tug trolley for transporting your Pedalfish 10 to the water.

Check out the CTug trolley - and Sandtrax trolley:

Here's a video comparing the Pedal drive (our Impulse) system and Mirage drive.


* Pedals backwards and forwards
* Also paddles well using a conventional kayak paddle
NEW Removable Impulse Gear Drive            
* 1 year warranty on the hull
* Four flush rod holders
* Handheld rudder control
* Twin Hull for perfect tracking
* Easily adjustable Vantage Seat
* Standing platform
* Large Oval Hatch on the Bow
* 10" round hatch on the rear
* Large rear well for storing your catch
* Scupper Plugs
* Four carry handles
* Paddle Keeper


Material : High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with grade 12 UV stabilizer
Length : 3.15m
Width : 91cm
Capacity : 200kg
Kayak Weight : 26kg
Drive Weight : 7kg
Total Weight including seat and drive : 34kg



SKU S0214PED008
Brand Pedalfish

1  Yearson Hull

1 Year on Impulse Drive

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