The Skimmer 140T, a lightweight tandem addition to our popular Skimmer Sit-on-Top Series.

Paddlers have been begging for a lightweight alternative to the heavy two-person polyethylene sit-on-top on the market, so we put a tandem SOT deck on a proven lightweight hull design. The touring style hull and Trylon construction of the Skimmer 140 T allow it to easily outpace other kayaks in its class, and its low seat-pan and comfortable outfitting make you feel totally connected with the boat.

Fully-featured from bow to stern with generous front wells, two 5.5-inch day hatches, a 10-inch bow hatch, and adjustable Airestream seat backs, the Skimmer 140T is designed for folks who like to spend time exploring with a friend. 

If a partner isn’t available, a center seat allows the Skimmer 140T to be used solo, and this tandem is light enough that solo really is an option. Grab some paddles and PFD’s, the lightweight tandem sit-on-top you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. 

Review of Hurricane Santee 140T by Jeff:

(This is the double version of the Santee 116/126) 

This is one of my favourite double kayaks! The Santee 140T is made by one of our flagship brands from the USA, ‘Hurricane’. Hurricane’s slogan is ‘leaders in lightweight’, they specialise in manufacturing light weight kayaks and the Santee 140T is no exception weighing in at only 26 kgs. For a 4.3 m double kayak, that is impressive!  

The reason this kayak is so light is because it is constructed out of thermoformed ABS plastic which is one of the newest technologies in kayak manufacturing in the world. ABS plastic gives you the lightweight nature that fibreglass gives you while retaining all the durability of plastic (best of both worlds), ABS plastic is also much more affordable than fibreglass. ABS plastic is also made to look like fibreglass giving it that nice sporty look. ABS plastic is also one of the best construction types for longevity as it will never fade in colour in the sun and will never warp in shape, if for example is left on roof racks on a hot day. 

On top of the Santee 140T being so light and innovative in its construction, Hurricane focuses heavily on comfort and convenience. Starting with the comfort side, this kayak comes with two of the most comfortable/adjustable seats you will ever find in a kayak. These seats have thick padding to sit on with the ability to adjust the angle of the padding to accommodate for a bend in your legs while paddling, to make sure your thighs are supported in all cases. The backrest for the seats can be adjusted in an upwards/downwards motion while also being able to be tensioned forwards and backwards, this allows you to completely fit the backrest into the curvature of your spine giving you fantastic support without having a big bulky backrest behind you. The Hurricane Santee 140T also comes with proper adjustable footrests rather than set moulded footrests that a lot of recreational double kayaks comes standard with. 

Moving onto the convenience that this kayak offers. First of all, it has one big solo cockpit for both paddlers which allows easy entry and exit of the kayak rather than two smaller cockpits per paddler, plus it gives the paddlers more space in the kayak to fit things like eskies, picnic baskets or even dogs/kids, making this kayak a great family kayak! There are also great storage options in the Santee 140T. There are small moulded compartments on both sides of each seat to place things like; cameras, drink bottles, snacks, go pros etc. There is a stern bulk head for dry storage and bungy storage on the bowl to secure various items. You can also store things like shoes and towels behind the rear seat and down under the bow of the kayak. 

My favourite feature about this double kayak is that it does not have to be paddled as a double kayak at all! This kayak has the ability to quickly unscrew the front paddlers seat and screw it into the centre of the kayak making it a long and efficient single kayak. With this ability, this kayak can be a single, double or triple kayak with all the space created by the big solo cockpit. Coupled with its lightweight nature and its luxury comfort, this kayak truly is the perfect family kayak. 





Scuppers: Six 1 5/8-inch scuppers drain footwell & rear wells

Hatches: One 5.5” day hatch in front of each seat & one 8″ bow hatch

Rear Well Bungee: Deck storage for dry bag & gear

Console w/cup holder: Holds water bottle & provides mounting for YakAttack rail

Outfitting: Two AireStream seats & new Skimmer Cushpads

Sealect Design Footbrace system: Easy adjustment pinch & pull

Molded Grab Handles on Bow, Stern & Sides: Comfortable grip when carrying kayak during portage

Stern Drain Plug: Simple hull drainage

Model Weight Length Width Capacity
Skimmer 140 Tandem 65 lbs / 29.48 kg 14’ / 4.27 m 33” / 83.82 cm 425 lbs. / 192.77 kg

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