Boréal Design has been producing kayaks since 1991

…in both polyethylene and composites. From the beginning Boreal Design have strived to deliver the best designs than humans and computers can create and the result speaks for itself, as you can see by the beautiful finish and attention to detail on the composite, thermoformed ABS and rotomolded HDPE models.

Boréal Design is the leader in inland waterways and ocean travel when itcomes to kayaks. The kayaks are seen worldwide with a broad spectrum of distributors including PaddleZone listing Boreal Design amongst their key retail brands. Boreal Design produce a wide variety of designs with skeg and rudder and we are the only ocean kayak brand that manufactures all three constructions:

Rotomolded HDPE, Thermoformed ABS, and Composite FG Hybrid.


The Rotomolded construction is the heaviest and toughest for when there’s a possibility of hitting a rock or solid surface and you want maximum durability.

The Thermoformed ABS looks like fiberglass and glides like glass in the water, but is plastic and only costs a bit more than our Rotomolded units. And yes, it is quite a bit lighter.

Our Fiberglass Hybrids are a mix of fiberglass and another component to ensure our composites are stiff, light, and durable.